5/15/2022 - Tax Refund
What a beautiful morning in North Georgia! Just had to say that, as we are very fortunate to live in a place as beautiful as this.

Yesterday I was in town and was asked by a lady about her family’s Georgia Tax Refund. I have had a few of these questions, so I thought I would talk about it in this week’s article.

Governor Kemp and we, in the legislature, saw the outstanding growth in our economy and the growth in our tax revenues over what we had needed to fund our balanced budget. We wanted very much to put those hard-earned dollars back in the hands of the folks who earned them. So, we worked hard on House Bill 1302 to refund to Georgians some or all of the 2020 income taxes due the state.

You have to give credit to Governor Kemp for opening back up our economy and working hard to support our healthcare providers and businesses during Covid for the strong economy we are experiencing.

We worked thorough out the legislative session trying to figure out which was the best way to do this. How much and when; all that important stuff. We were also working on a reduction in the State Income Tax; more on that later.

What we decided on was a 1,100,000,000-tax refund to eligible Georgia tax payers. That’s 1.1 billion; incredible we could do this for Georgians. This will include any person with a 2020 Georgia income tax liability. How much they could get is: a single filer or married filing separately: $250, Head of Household: $375, Married filing jointly: $500.

This payment will be sent automatically; you do not need to do anything. Those who filed on-line will be getting theirs first and some have already received them; you will see “GASTTAXRFD” on your online account. Some one thought it was a gas tax refund check. Which is easy to do looking at it quickly. Those who file by mail will get a paper check.

If you’re wondering if you qualify to receive the refund, look back at your 2020 income tax return. If you filed a Form 500, the amount will be based on your tax liability listed on line 16. If you filed using Form 500EZ, the amount will be based on your tax liability listed on line 4. So, if you paid more or equal to the above refund amount you will get a maximum refund. If you paid less than the above refund amount for your status, you will get the amount you paid the state.

Remember you have had to file both your 2020 and 2021 tax return by the deadline for filing the 2021 return to qualify.

I am glad we worked together with the Senate and Governor Kemp to pass this very important refund for you, because you earned it! The Georgia Dept. of Revenue has a HB 1302 Tax Refund answer page on their website. Of course, you can always call me, too, if you have a question.

Thank you for allowing me to serve as your State Representative for House District 11. Please be in touch with me on any matter of state government, at the Capitol, 404-656-7153 or by email at rick.jasperse@house.ga.gov. or here at home at 770-893-2039.